Riding the Wheel: Our Reporter's Angkor Eye Experience

Riding the Wheel Our Reporter's Angkor Eye Experience

Y’all, let me tell you – that Ferris wheel they got out there in Siem Reap is really somethin’! As your trusty correspondent reporting back from the field, I simply had to take a ride on the big ol’ Angkor Eye to see what all the fuss was about.

After booking my ticket online with just a few easy clicks, I moseyed on over to the ticket counter to get set up for my ride. The staff swiftly got me situated in my own private cabin, and before I knew it I was lifted up and moving on this giant wheel o’ fun.

As I steadily rose up into the sky, the already impressive views of Siem Reap revealed themselves to be even more spectacular from such heights. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if those ancient Angkor temples didn’t look mighty fine from up there on high. Gazing out as far as the eye could see, I took in panoramas of shimmering ponds, verdant jungles and bustling cityscapes the likes of which I had never laid eyes on before.

Of course, with views this good, you’ll want your camera handy to capture all the magic. Be sure to snap plenty of pics at the peak of your Ferris wheel ride to immortalize the stunning 360° views. Pro tip: later in the evening you can catch cool shots of Siem Reap all lit up like the 4th of July.

Before I knew it, my 18 minutes of fame – err, I mean my Angkor Eye ride – was over in the blink of an eye. But let me tell you, friends, it was a mighty fine time up there soaking in the aerial sights of Cambodia. So if you find yourself in Siem Reap, be sure not to miss out on a ride on the Angkor Eye. It’ll have you feeling on top of the world!


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